Monday, 21 March 2011

Eros Plaza/ Crowne Plaza in Mayur Vihar Extension

UPDATE from 18 May: See Post from 24 April "It's a Doubletree" for more information.

Some Impressions from 5 Star Living in our neighborhood.
What I like to call lovingly the "Twin Towers" are two hotels by the Eros Group, calling themselves Eros Plaza. I don't know why one has to build two identical looking hotels, but I guess the architect ran out of ideas or something. In any case, they are impressive, and at least we are able to stop by for a coffee now and again, no?( see also my blog from 2 March "Mayur Vihar about to become posh")

From far we can see them and know we are home soon:
View from the DND Flyover coming from Delhi with "Twin Towers",
in front you can see the Yamuna river fields where cattles graze

View of the backside from the DLF Galleria Mall next door

The entrance side all bright and shiny and new

The restaurant on the third floor where they serve
a nice breakfast and lunch buffet:
Cafe Third

Yes, it is fun not to sit at Cafe Coffee Day for a change!

Coffee with Tiramisu served in a plastic cup. Hm????
The two cheapest items in the menu, a hot drink and a desert. 1 cup at "Cafe Third" = 110 rps,
 window view priceless :-)
See also link for "Eros" on the right if you want to look at their official site.

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