Saturday, 16 April 2011

Will Fraser Suites suit us?

What on earth are the Fraser Suites, I had been asking myself ever since the construction of this building started in...was it 2009? (And why is not spelled with an S not a Z?) Well, this is a hotel with serviced apartments, for people who need a small kitchen area and more space than a small hotel room. It felt pretty strange at first to see this tall building grow in our neighborhood right across from Chilla Village, but here it is now. Though it was supposed to open already, rumor has it it will  officially open in July.

Night vision
The entrance is very exclusive, not accessible from the Club Avenue, so I assume the locals better keep out. I find this sad. A big hotel in a residential neighborhood like our MV1 Extension should also offer something to to the  local residents, not only to the outsiders who come here for a few nights, or a few weeks and move on. What do you think? May be there will be a nice pool with certain hours accessible to residents of MV extension, or an affordable restaurant at least ??? How can a hotel be integrated into such a neighborhood, comprising only of apartment societies? Will such a place attract more small businesses? will the malls finally open fully? I personally don't like buildings are hidden behind tall fences. That only alienates. Frazer Suites hopefully will contribute something to local residents in Mayur Vihar!
Let's wait and see what they got to offer :-))
Beginnings in Sept 2009

Hopefully the surroundings will be nicely landscaped and not remain exclusive!

Main entrance

Standing at the corner of a busy intersection
across Riverside Club and Shekhar Apartments
Fraser Suites New Delhi,
Plot No.4A,District Centre,
Mayur Vihar, Phase-1,Delhi - 110091,India.
DID: +91 11 47668833, Fax: + 91 11 43837777
Website :

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