Thursday, February 4, 2016

Have you seen this old lady sitting near the Hilton under the metro line lately? She sits there in the evenings, during the day, we were told, she is in the fields behind the two 5 Star Hotels. We tried to talk to her, but it appears she is a Bengali tribal woman. She was very vocal, and I heard the word "police" alot, but that was as far as our conversation went. We bought her some biscuits and a bottle of water, admired her self-made head gear( really creative) and went on our merry way. We hope the Hilton staff might occasionally help her out, too, for she is clearly a lost soul.

If anyone has any suggestions as to help this creature, do email me, or visit her yourself in the evenings. Thanks!

UPDATE : many people must have donated blanked and things for her, as she is still camped in front of the Hilton. And one noble neighbor has tried to help  by calling 20 NGOs asking for solutions how to make this woman's life more bearable, but none of them, not a single one, has even answered his emails, let alone come up with a plan or offering options. Looks like NGOs are often only a web site looking for government funds to pay themselves.....