Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Getting boring, right? These no- news updates about the mall business. But you know what they say: HOPE dies last! So once again we ventured across Club avenue into the District Centre to see if there is new activity. But besides the aforementioned liquor activities all around the mall parking lots, not much else has changed since we last reported. However, there are a few brave souls who have opened their business inside the otherwise deserted Galleria Mall, one of them the YASH RAJ Film Shop . The have DVDs, CDs Vcds and also music CDs and Blue Ray movies. No, no blue movies :-)

This photo was taken in the setting up face Yash Raj Films Delhi branch:  IS OPEN NOW from 11 to 6 pm (sorry about the poor picture quality)

One man was in there getting his beard trimmed I think.

The German dental specialists have arrived.  Will Indians use these services with a name
they cannot pronounce?

One big office for all?
the other company not found online

As far as shops goes, you can see that there is nothing here that makes a visit worth our while.
When will the big anchor shop finally arrive or a movie hall?  Lots of shops are now listed for rent, but it looks like the fools who pay skyhigh prices are becoming fewer and fewer. Good!

The food court still deserted. Unless they install a COSTA or Cafe Coffee Day in the mall, no one is going to come.

So there you have it. I wish I could say "no news is good news", for our neighborhood it continues to mean, we have to head over to Noida or South Delhi to have a fun day at the mall. Too bad! The DT signs everywhere tricks us into thinking there will be a DT movie hall soon, but such is not the case.