Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mobile Towers

A blogger named CJ posted an interesting comment lately and I want to share this with you:
"I am surprised to see that no one is taking note of the mobile tower constructed in the DDA park opposite Chilla Village and Amity Int. School, while court guidelines clearly require that no mobile tower can be constructed near a school or a playground. A similar thing happened in Dwarka as well, but following public protest the same was stopped."  And he added this link
Here is an article by CNN about the topic
How do you all feel about this? DO you believe there is a health risk? And since we all use our mobile phones all the time, are we simply condemned to live with this, motto being "connectivity is everything!"  TELL US what you think and if you have any more information on the topic.

Dear Realtors and other Sales People

Please, stop using this blog for your own $$$$ purposes by writing posts with your ads. If you have nothing to ADD about Mayur Vihar Phase 1 and its Extension, then just fly over this blog and pay for ad space somewhere. I would hate to limit my comment space. It is for neighbors and citizens to exchange thoughts. If you want to advertise something nice in MV1Ext, just say so and don´t talk about Noida, Dwarka and the likes. We are proud EAST DELHITES! Thank You! Have a nice day and don´t let money ruin your character. :-)
Sincerely, Tina-your MV reporter

Thursday, 29 January 2015


...has came and January is already just about gone.
So what´s hot in MV1 Extentsion? Besides the new giant metro line coming in from the other side, soon there won´t be anything left but big metro pillars, yet no matter how many more lines there are , roads are still clogged with cars, scooters and what have you. It´s been a cold and foggy Delhi winter, but after Lohri things always get better, we can count on it.
Still we wanna hear from YOU, residents of East Delhi, what you see happening in your neighborhood. Send in your reports, for the Mayur Vihar reporter is still residing abroad and won´t come back any time soon.
We do have one small news:  
a resident of Mayur Vihar 1 Extension has written a book. Congratulations! Here it is:

Hope you all have a great and safe and neighborly new year. 
Best wishes to all!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

You keep on clicking

Dear blog followers and searchers and googlers!
You keep on stumbling upon our blog looking for information on Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Extension, and this is a good thing. Despite not being able to post anything fresh, due to my whereabouts,which are now in Germany , you keep visiting this site. Thanks a lot. About 1000 of you click on my blog a month, so the need for good neighborhood information is there. It is up to you now to make it a helpful site, so write to me with any news or stories and I will post them. 
THANK YOU for all your comments and corrections and suggestions. I wish the ad people would stay away, but you know how they are: greedy!  
BEST WISHES to all my MV Extension likers :-)
Keep the neighborhood clean and safe for all!

Monday, 28 April 2014


Hello Extension Neighbors,
it's almost MAY already, and I haven't heard a peep from anymore. Yes, we haven't returned to MV1 Extension, but we are keeping a google eye out for our favorite Delhi 'hood in the East :-) So, what's cooking, guys and girls, ladies and gents? What is new in the neighborhood? What have you got to complain or boast about? How is the park condition? What about the trash situation? What is new in the market? Are they keeping it cleaner, no, are YOU keeping your neighborhood clean, or are you guilty of being a litter bug? It is important not just to keep our homes clean, but our streets as well. 

In this mad, mad world of more and more cars and pollution and noise and smell, we need beauty. I still have hope that one day the younger kids will start a project for a neighborhood clean-up. Here in Germany most cities and towns have this once a year. The recycling stations and the town halls offer big plastic bags and organize trash pick-up points and then one fixed day is chosen where everyone, who has registered to do so, will get busy and clean up the streets, playgrounds and small parks!

Here are some links about CLEAN-UPs in INDIA. Every one can do their bit. Ask your local politicians to install public trash cans, or organize a special day with your friends and take the broom in your own hand.

Demand livable cities


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Aam Aadmi Party in East Delhi

Well, you know this by now, of course, but it still goes to show that Mayur Vihar 1 is a jolly nice place to live, the new successful Aam pary members know it too. :-)
Minister Sisodia is coming to a neighborhood near you!

More on the Aam Aadmi Party and your representatives here,_2013



Bad name for new metro station in Mayur Vihar 1 and Extension

I am reposting a valid concern and comment by Anil Garg who was nice enough to keep us up to speed on what is happening with the metro. Perhaps some of you can write to DMRC and let them know of this problem:
I wish to inform you that DMRC has decided to name the new station between the stations “Mayur Vihar- I” and “Trilok Puri” as “Mayur Vihar, Pocket-I” station. 

The said station will be the very next station to Mayur Vihar- I station, and if it is named as Mayur Vihar, Pocket- I, metro commuters will get confuse with the similar names, leading to daily inconvenience to the commuters. At times the announcement in the metro is not very clearly audible and specially people who are not the daily visitors shall not be able to recognise the difference and may get down at the wrong station. Hence, to avoid such confusion and inconvenience DMRC should re-name said metro station as Mayur Vihar, Pocket-3 in the public interest.

Monday, 16 December 2013

MV 1 Extension in 2013

Well, my reporter friend Raj was back in Delhi and in our favorite MV 1 Extension in October, and he found everything to be pretty much the same as usual. And that is a good thing!

Ok, Star City Mall is still more or less dead except for the liquor shops, but Cafe Coffee Day remains alive thankfully. DLF Galleria next door is also still empty. Sad!  The roads are wide and open and for the most part clean, and business is going on as usual. The Tricone Tower next to Frazier Suites is finished but also not inhabited. Big Bazar at the Metro Station is booming and with shopping carts lined outside in an orderly fashion, we feel relieved. Good.  The best part for neighbors who love to read is the new bookshop in the Samachar market area: ANAND BOOK CORNER! It is located near the dudh whala,  behind the main shops.

Mayur Vihar Extension remains the best place to live in East Delhi, if not in all of Delhi, especially  with yet another metro line coming to connect commuters to  MV Phase 2 and Gaziabhad soon.

Frazier Suites still makes an impressive corner lot

Tricone Towers is the office for a company which plans the development between it and Star City Mall .  It was built very poorly and still looks a bit shabby if you ask me. Move in at your own risk :-)

Big Bazar at the Metro Station Mavur Vihar Extension

One blog reader doubted it, but yes WE DO HAVE WIDE AND OPEN ROADS
with lots of green around, too

Samachar Apt Market looked a bit cleaner this time, a small improvement.

The best addition to the market: a book shop !!!! Fantastic !

Thursday, 12 September 2013

35.000 Viewers

Hello fellow viewers,
here are some fresh stats about you. Many desis from around the world are checking out their old or new neighborhood in East Delhi it seems. We hope to see you all here some time. More is happening with yet another metro line crossing this part of the capitol, so it shall remain interesting to follow the development of Mayur Vihar 1 Extension.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mayur Vihar 1 Extension residents have moved abroad

Hello faithful readers, most of you know that my husband and I have moved to Germany last year. For me it was a move BACK, as I am German, and for my husband it was a first-time move as an Expat, or NRI, as the Indians, who have migrated, are called.

Visiting the big QUEEN MARY 2 ship in Hamburg during harbor day on 12 May 2013.

We have to be honest and say that we don't really miss East Delhi or India for that matter, especially now in May and June when the heat becomes a killer, the power often goes out, and life becomes pretty unbearable until, well, until late October really, right? So we are lucky to sit here in cool-as-a-cucumber Germany, where people complain about the lack of warmth and sunshine. This year has been particularly cold and in the South they are suffering long rain spells and floods.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we are still blogging, only this time, we blog about an Indian immigrant's life in Germany. Some of you may find this interesting. See CROSSING CULTURES at and read the posts starting back in January this year (everything prior to that is about my experience as an angreezi or gori in India :-) .
I remind you that this is YOUR blog, for the neighbors of MV1 Extension, YOU can contribute articles. Just mail to and I will post them. Tell your neighbors about changes and likes and dislikes or any interesting developments.  Remember, Mayur Vihar Extention is really the best place to live in Delhi. Pssst, it's a secret ! People have always snubbed Trans-Yamuna, but they don't know what they are missing: Easy commutes. Shops. Peace and Quiet , no congestions, and for the most time electricity and water. YES! :-)
Do stay safe and stay in touch, you all. Best wishes from your MV Reporter. Namaste!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bye-Bye, Mayur Vihar 1 Extension

Well, friends, neither me nor my spouse live in MV1 Extension anymore, so it is up to you to keep this blog alive and kicking with updates about the neighborhood. Feel free to contact me here and let me know what's new and exciting or awful and noteworthy. Other than that, this blog will remain as sort of an archive about an East Delhi neighborhood with a list of apartment societies, religious places and other public areas, that will help you find your way around if you are new. Just refer to the beginning of the blog and work your way forward or use the search word tool. Hope you will enjoy your stay. We did.
Keep it safe. Safe especially for women!!!! 
Be good to the animals, the people who have less than you do, 
don't litter and don't engage in road rage :-)
It is up to all of us to make a neighborhood friendly, secure and pretty!

Be proud like our neighborhood head hauncho and show respect for those near and dear.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Big Bazaar Coming to Mayur Vihar

If they cannot make a jingle out of that title/ headline, then it's their own fault....

pardon the poor picture quality this time
WHEN WILL IT OPEN???? WHO KNOWS, probably in time for the DIWALI business season!

Most of you have probably seen it already, driving by, but just in case you have not heard:
the metro station for Mayur Vihar Extension now houses a Big Bazaar super market, which is pretty darn convenient considering some of us still bemoan the departure of the Reliance shop at Star City Mall and the fact that practically nothing has happened in the DLF Galleria mall next door. What a waste of real estate.... As I am actually out of town, please, let me know any updates on the mall situation. I'd love to see these places really come alive and turn our neighborhood into something special.

If you want to know the difference between Mayur Vihar Phase 1 and Phase 2, you only have to consider the fact that neither a Nirula nor a Cafe Coffee Day could survive in Mayur Vihar II for more than a year or so. While phase 2 was made for government employees and only offers DDA flats, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, including the extension, offers apartment societies, spacious roads and overall a more peaceful living. Maybe because in Phase 1 and the Extension  there arent so many temples :-)  , while Phase 2 has a famous Shiva temple and an old Ganesha temple. Who knows, but I can only keep recommending MV1 and its Extension as an ideal place to live in all of Delhi. It is most ideally situated traffic wise, close to CP and to Noida, it has modern facilities and good schools, and is really trying to grow retail-wise. Plus we have two Cafe Coffee Days (CCD), one of them at Sikkim Plaza in Phase 1 near the Alcon School is way too small and I am surprised to see they have not extended the premises, while the other one at Star City Mall still has not bothered to advertise their existence to the outside for people who drive by and also remains rather small and without any upgrading where seats are concerned.
In the West they used to measure development by the amount of Mc Donald's in the region, in India you can use the presence of a CCD as the indicator for an upswing, I suppose....Oh well....

What else is happening in the 'hood, folks??? DO KEEP US INFORMED!!!! Send me your stories....This blog here if for you, participate!
Best wishes to you from your Mayur Vihar Reporter, tina, currently out of country :-)  Cheers!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Mango Season

another contribution by Mr. Raj: thank you!

Oh No, Dinga Has Arrived

Why I am scared of “Dinga” ? What has Dinga done to me to warrant such fear? Well, it´s not me alone, all “mango lovers” should be scared of “it”! “Mango Lovers?”  “It?”
Ok, to cut a long story short, Dinga colloquially means “short” or “deformed”. This small mango- yellow in colour, delicious to eat- but insignificant in stature is the last on the list. Yes, there is a mango hierarchy – it depends from person to person, but whichever mango variety is on top, Dinga is the least favorite.
Mango season starts with the “Safeda” – the first lot is sweet but bland since they are from last year or plucked too early. Later we start seeing green raw mangoes for pickles and “Aam Panna” a cool sweet and tangy drink made from raw mangoes to take care of the hot summer wind “loo” Then comes the real thing and before you realize it, the market is flooded with the fresh “Safeda”. These have a good pulp, are firm and can be eaten sliced, diced or as mango juice. Very soon they have competition from “Chausa”,            Langda”, “Totapuri”, and “Dushheri” : to each his own. During the mango season from April till July, one or the other variety is visible in the market depending on their arrival in Delhi.
And then comes “Dinga” – this mango sounds like the death knell for the mango season for that year. From then on it´s all downhill and today I found this in our Mayur Vihar market , so bye- bye mangoes 2012 – see you next year if we are around.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Chai Chai Chai

Hello Neighbors,
I am glad to present our first guest writer here who will tell you about the neighborhood chai wallah! Thank You, Rajesh, for your excellent contribution. It is good to recognize everyone who makes living in Mayur Vihar 1 Extension a little bit more pleasant.

"I would like to talk about our friendly neighbourhood chai wallah. He sits opposite the taxi stand and at the entrance to the main market. So everybody going to the market passes his spot and he is a busy man. He is from Bihar as all hard working migrant people are. I also like to sit there sometimes to hear the gossip and gossip there is plenty. The other day they were talking about some girls and boys caught by the police while making out in the car. So there was a general discussion about morality of these society wallahs as well as the police, because it seems they were let off after the usual exchange of bakshish. One person commented "no wonder I saw the police taking them towards the Yamuna, whereas the police station is toward the Sai Baba temple". Funny thing is that by sitting there and having tea , I become part of "us" and not "them - the rich society strata". Now I am entering his inner circle of clients - haha, or maybe he charges me extra for tea and so I am in the inner circle. There are 3 or more modes of tea presentation - one in a glass, one in plastic cups, one in plastic bags for transit and then the royal tea of mine served in a nice hard paper cup - even though I have never asked for it. His tea is good, but not in league with the best chaiwallah teas I have had. Yes, maybe within our extension his tea stall is the best and cleanest. He makes it fresh and sometimes throws in ginger and cardamom. But drinking tea gets divine if you have a mathi with it - a salty fried crisp that goes so yummmm with hot tea and costs you only 10 rupees.
Then there are different types of tea drinkers - the hurrying types like taxi wallahs or auto wallahs on the run, then there are the regular ones just going to the office, who have a tea with some snacks in lieu of breakfast, and finally the lazy ones like me who sit with a newspaper and soak up every bit of street atmosphere, isn´t it interesting? I also see some regulars like one big guy with white hair in a pony tail : after watching him a few times, I realized the other day that long hair can be itchy and hot ; I  do not know how girls / ladies manage during the hot months, but he was handling his hair in the heat in a clumsy fashion, and the result was a big mess of hair around his hair band - lol.
Go have your morning cuppa there sometimes and get the latest buzz.
Thanks & Regards, Raj-Global Guru.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Success Story

Dear Neighbors, please read the "Hilton Mascot" post (4 Oct 2011) with ensuing comments and see how we can make a  difference in our own communities. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Zaki Ali from Riverview Apartments and the Delhites' National Initiative in Palliative Care on their efforts to help a homeless lady. All is well that ends well.

And thank You, all my readers, for continuing to visit our blog and making comments.

Lastly , someone is looking for a play school in Mayur Vihar Extension. If you know of a good day care facility for small children in the neighborhood, let us know. How about starting one yourself?

Take care of yourselves during these hot days! Best wishes your MVEX reporter B.