Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas at Star City

Even if you are not a Christian, all of us may enjoy a little bit of Santa's good cheers. I was happy to find this spread around Star City Mall which decorated their main hall quite nicely. More importantly, I was glad so many  young neighbors came by to have their coffee and chai in the mall , socialize and warm up a bit. It is awfully chilly these days. If you really want to get toasty, sit at Cafe Coffee Day, there the heaters were working nicely. And don't forget the Asman toy shop who offers lots of gift opportunities.

So come on over to feel that spirit , get a hot chocolate and hang out with your loved ones. At least this mall management still makes an effort to brighten our gloomy December days, even though most shops are still vacant.

By the way, did you ever try hot red wine (or hot rum) during winter months. Just add sugar and cloves , some water and a dash of lemon juice to the cheap red wine, heat it slowly until the sugar is dissolved and there you go: you have German GLUEHWEIN, that means glow wine (afterwards your cheeks will glow :-)

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