Thursday, November 3, 2016

Big Bazaar Coming

If they cannot make a jingle out of that title/ headline, then it's their own fault....

WHEN WILL IT OPEN???? WHO KNOWS, probably in time for the DIWALI business season!

Most of you have probably seen it already, driving by, but just in case you have not heard:
the metro station for Mayur Vihar Extension now houses a Big Bazaar super market, which is pretty darn convenient considering some of us still bemoan the departure of the Reliance shop at Star City Mall and the fact that practically nothing has happened in the DLF Galleria mall next door. What a waste of real estate.... As I am actually out of town, please, let me know any updates on the mall situation. I'd love to see these places really come alive and turn our neighborhood into something special.

If you want to know the difference between Mayur Vihar Phase 1 and Phase 2, you only have to consider the fact that neither a Nirula nor a Cafe Coffee Day could survive in Mayur Vihar II for more than a year or so. While phase 2 was made for government employees and only offers DDA flats, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, including the extension, offers apartment societies, spacious roads and overall a more peaceful living. Maybe because in Phase 1 and the Extension  there arent so many temples :-)  , while Phase 2 has a famous Shiva temple and an old Ganesha temple. Who knows, but I can only keep recommending MV1 and its Extension as an ideal place to live in all of Delhi. It is most ideally situated traffic wise, close to CP and to Noida, it has modern facilities and good schools, and is really trying to grow retail-wise. Plus we have two Cafe Coffee Days (CCD), one of them at Sikkim Plaza in Phase 1 near the Alcon School is way too small and I am surprised to see they have not extended the premises, while the other one at Star City Mall still has not bothered to advertise their existence to the outside for people who drive by and also remains rather small and without any upgrading where seats are concerned.

In the West they used to measure development by the amount of Mc Donald's in the region, in India you can use the presence of a CCD as the indicator for an upswing, I suppose....Oh well....

What else is happening in the 'hood, folks??? DO KEEP US INFORMED!!!! Send me your stories....This blog here if for you, participate!
Best wishes to you from your Mayur Vihar Reporter, tina, currently out of country :-)  Cheers!

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