Thursday, June 2, 2016

Children's Day at Riverview Apts

Farah from Riverview Apartments was nice enough to tell me about a lovely event that happened in her society last weekend. As I did not know about the idea behind it, I asked her to explain more:
"Children's Day is celebrated in India on the occassion of the birth anniversary of our first PM Jawaharlal Nehru.  He was lovingly called Chacha Nehru by children, and he was very fond of them. The kids in our society are quite active and they just decided on the 13th November, a Sunday, to organise this painting competition. It was they who told everyone going from door to door canvassing as it was not an official society event. About 15 kids got together , roped in a few of us for organising, settling and monitoring the events and then found some judges. We brought in "neutral" neighbours(whose kids were not participating) and they judged the paintings. 1st prize went to Faiz Ahmed, 2nd prize to Saloni and 3rd to Srinandan."