Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fenced In

You have all seen the new side walks in our neighborhood, and certainly across the ASN School and near Samachar Apartments it all looks real dandy. They have even "cleaned" up the area around the trash dumps. But what about Club Avenue across from the CNG Station? WHO in godesses' name has come up with putting back the fences after improving the stones on the sidewalks? Who will walk behind a fence? Not that the sidewalks desperately needed a make over anyway. Looked more like a case of "malai" to me, if you know what I mean. New public trashcans, better cleaning of our roads, more streets lights at night all this would have been more important than sidewalks.
Wonderfully spacious and luxurious:

SAHAKARITA Marg across the ASN School

UNusable even with new stones to walk on: Sidewalks on CLUB AVENUE
What do you think? Is this all a case of preventing small-time vendors from settling in on open sidewalks or what is the mystery behind the fences? May be if I hear a good explanation, I'll get used to it. Fact of the matter remains: fenced in sidewalks are a great waste of space. In the end they will only be used for piddle points. Tell us your opinion.

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