Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Shops at MV1

Hello Neighbors! We  have a couple of new shops in our 5 Star Village. Have you spotted them already?

CHHAPAI is here, if only a bit hidden in the Gupta Arkade/ a.k.a Samachar Market/ a.k.a DDA market /aka Atlanic Plaza/Anupama Arcade/ Why are there so many names for his one shopping area here?
Ethnic sarees, duppattas, stoles & cordinates Open from 10-10 every day except mondays
Two months ago this sari shop opened its door across from Mother Dairy's vegetable stall and next to the electric shop. It's a beautiful and elegant place. Do stop by! Mr. Khan is most helpful in showing you the most wonderful silk and cotton saris with block prints. There are also lovely shawls and nice fashion jewelry. I bought a nice gift there today: earrings, bangle and a ring for 460 rupees. Silk cotton kurtas can be bought for 850 rps which I feel is very reasonably priced. Give this new shop a chance. It is a great addition to the market. If all the other shops were as clean and beautiful as this one, we wouldn't have to rush to any malls anymore.

You might have seen the new kebab place KATHI JUNCTION. Located in a corner near the meat shop and close to Domino's, it it a welcome edition since there are simply not enough food places in our neighborhood. I have yet to eat there and probably won't, but you may know more about its quality. Tell us.

If only the mouth watering recipes were served in mouth watering surroundings

The outside trash is still such a turn off and I cannot understand why shopkeepers don't put their heads together and organize common dumpsters so this area can be a great community place.
I wish we would get a coffee shop or some other places to sit and enjoy. If this large "lawn" area would ever get cleaned up and benches were put up, we would all only be too happy. I wrote the Municipal Department about the trash, but no word from them. If all of us would complain, may be someone woke up and improve this disgusting site.

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