Wednesday, May 4, 2016

High Rise in Mayur Vihar

This huge shell of a building has been standing on Club Avenue between Fraser Suites and the CNG Station for quite some time now. The sign only says Antartica Properties and we don't know yet what it will be, who will use it, but we do know one thing: it's tall. Fraser Suites apartment users must not be amused to have the sun taken away from them, but during the summer months, they might be grateful to be in the shade of this high rise.
Seeing how narrow it is and how flimsily it is made, one would like to warn future dwellers of it already, but life is a risk. When the next earthquake hits, they might start throwing bed sheet ropes over to the more sturdy looking Fraser Suites. Also not amusing is the way the workers dangle from the scaffold high up without any protection whatsoever. It might be a case of "Peepli Live", when he falls, the worker's family might be blessed with some money, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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